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Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from:
Chronic Back Pain?
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?
Chronic Neck Pain?
Pain caused by disability trauma or accident?
Phantom pain?

Pain is complex, many chronic pain conditions stem from a hyper-sensitivity of the nervous system, sometimes known as Central Sensitisation.
Pain is not always about tissue damage. With chronic pain tissues may have healed or there may never have been any tissue damage. Your brain has incorrectly concluded that there is a threat or danger that you need protecting from.

Helen’s approach to helping you recover from pain is first to educate you as to how pain and the mind and body work together.
Then depending on your individual circumstances there are a number techniques that Helen can use to help you recover from your pain including: neurolinguistic programming (NLP), life coaching
and occasionally hypnotherapy.
These interventions will desensitise your nervous system , retraining the body and brain to respond normally to stimulus (movement, touch, noise, light, food etc.) so allowing you to return to comfort.
Please ring Helen at any time to discuss if her pain treatments would be suitable for you.

Helen has received specialist training in “Explain Pain” from the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI).


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