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*Spider season? or is it?

It’s a commonly accepted myth: Spiders flock to our houses in the autumn to escape the coming cold of winter. But this notion is just that, a myth. Spiders generally don’t infest your house more in the winter.
Those spiders that you sometimes see scurrying around your house during autumn have likely been living with you all year-round. In fact, less than 5 percent of the spiders you encounter inside your home have set one of their eight feet outside, according to Rod Crawford, Curator of Arachnids at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington.

*Hypnotherapy in the family

As a family Helen, Julie and Roland have nearly 60 years of experience between them and by collaborating together they can give their clients the very best therapy.

Helen James:

Having seen the incredible work that my sister and father were doing as hypnotherapists I decided it was time for a career change.
I had a successful career in IT and finance and was quite enjoying office life, but I could see my sister and father getting amazing job satisfaction, so in 1997 I went on my first hypnosis course, then a few years later I went on to train as a hypnotherapist.
I found my experience in the office extremely useful, seeing and experiencing life’s stresses and strains not just myself but from my work colleagues too.

Life experience and help from my family enabled me to get off to a flying start as a hypnotherapist. Now my sister, father and myself all support each other, between us I don’t think there is a client issue with which we do not have experience.

Julie James:

Way back in 1995 I went on a Self-Hypnosis course. Little did I know at that time the wonderful life changing effect it would have on me and my family. Having been blown away by the self-hypnosis course I then signed up for the full Hypnotherapy course and trained to be a hypnotherapist.

After qualifying I didn’t waste any time setting up my practice and was so happy helping so many people in my new career that I also encouraged my Father, Roland James and sister, Helen James to take up Hypnotherapy.

Roland James:

Prior to coming to Australia, I served with the British Royal Marines during the conflict in Cyprus.   I then ran and managed the family farm.  I was on several National Farmers Union committees, two at national level.  These experiences have given me a wider knowledge of life.  This is a great asset for understanding my client’s problems.

I was spending a few days visiting Julie, she and her husband, were going on a refresher self-hypnosis course.  They asked if I would I like to join them?  I have always had an interest in hypnosis, although I knew very little about it.  Sunday afternoon we put it to the test. After giving myself the suggestion that my body was ‘as if it was a steel bar’ I then lay between two stools with Julie sitting on my lap.   Next test, sticking a large nappy pin through the skin on my forearm after creating a natural anesthetic.  With no bleeding soreness or pain, obviously there was something in hypnosis, and here was the proof.  When I returned to Australia, I did a hypnotherapy course and progressed from there.

Although we live oceans apart, we are very much in contact, sharing our experiences and continuously learning from each other

*Could you say “No” to chocolate ?

After just one session of hypnotherapy my client hasn’t wanted chocolate at all. It just isn’t an issue anymore before she craved chocolate and had at least one bar of chocolate a day.

Bar of Chocolate

*Good news travels a long way

This morning I had a client that came to stop smoking
He lives in Bahrain, when in Bahrain a client of mine recommended me to him
His family live in Nottingham he travelled up this morning all the way from Nottingham for one of my hypnotherapy stop smoking sessions
He is now a non smoker

*Can you still afford to smoke?

With the price of cigarettes today if you smoke 20 a day you are spending in the region of £280 a month. That is £3,360 a year and over 20 years is £67,200

Hypnotherapy makes stopping smoking quick and easy. Can you afford to wait any longer to stop?

You don’t need any willpower you just need to ring Helen and make an appointment.

* Disclaimer
Please note results may vary.