Online Hypnotherapy

Covid 19 is hitting everyone – HARD!  Me too.  Like everyone else I’ve had to take stock and look at how I can continue to help you.

So, for the time being I’ll continue hypnotherapy sessions on a remote basis.  You get the very best help right from the comfort of your own home.   So, are you asking, “will it work”?   Yes, absolutely.

You will know someone who will benefit from hypnotherapy – a friend or family member.  Don’t let them struggle

Why Is Hypnotherapy Important Right Now?

There are lots of reasons why reaching out for help right now is more important than ever. For example, you may be worried about financial implications of Covid 19. If you smoke then undertaking hypnotherapy to stop smoking will save you £1,000’s over the coming months / years, not to mention the health benefits.

There are lots of people who struggle with anxiety and stress on a daily basis. With Covid 19 most people will find their anxiety rise, and in some instances become debilitating.  Hypnotherapy can help, in as little as 2 sessions! 

How Does It Work?

Each session will be run over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and will be around 60 minutes. Your first session may take a little longer, just so we have time to chat about your outcome expectations from the sessions and any relevant information you want / need to share, and also for me to explain hypnotherapy to you.

What Do You Need?

Access to internet connection via a PC, tablet or Smartphone, headphones (to block out noise), and somewhere quiet, warm and comfortable to sit.

Is It Safe?

Safety is paramount and there are numerous measures that can be put in place to ensure your safety, whether you live by yourself or with friends and family. I will discuss safety measures with you before the session so they can be tailored to your individual circumstances.

How Much?

My stop smoking package is £200  There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have, and if you stop and then start smoking again – you can come back for free of charge!

The anxiety /stress management sessions I run are £75.  Recommendation is 2 sessions.

And Finally, with a free download ‘Relax and Sleep’

Get in touch with me via phone or email.  Why not take a look at my ‘Relax and Sleepdownload. A great audio to ensure you get the sleep you need.

Stay safe, and look after yourself.  These are very emotional and testing times for everyone.  Remember to be kind and stay safe.


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